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Monthly Archives: October 2008

What’s Your Mobile Plan?

You have a mobile marketing plan, right? If you don’t you really need to look into the various ways this technology can help your business. Yeah, I hate web browsing on my phone too, but the technology is moving so fast and most likely a lot faster than your plans are. Therefore, don’t wait until all of your competitors have captured the mobile marketshare before you get involved.

If you don’t believe me take a look at these stats and tell me this isn’t a viable communication tool:

“According to Azuki Systems, Inc., the results of its first annual U.S. mobile phone user survey found that over 54% of those surveyed said their mobile phone usage had increased by more than 25% over the last two years, and one in five respondents said it had increased by more than 50%. A significant catalyst behind this growth is smart phone adoption, with 62% of respondents indicating they either own or will own such a device in the next 12 months.”
Source: Azuki Systems

October 30, 2008
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This May Surprise You

Study: Magazines Beat TV In ROI

by Erik Sass, Tuesday, Oct 7, 2008 4:06 PM ET

A new study of magazine advertising ROI by Marketing Evolution found that magazines are the most cost-effective means of influencing consumer behavior at certain stages of the decision-making process, or “purchase funnel,” beating out TV and online media. Specifically, magazines dominate two crucial stages: brand familiarity and purchase intent.

The Marketing Evolution study is actually a continuing meta-study, based on a survey of 38 different studies commissioned by various clients in recent years.

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October 30, 2008
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Does this give you any ideas?

This has to be one of the coolest things we have seen.  Imagine the possible implications this technology could have for various advertisers.  We don’t spend all day watching youtube vids, so if this is old news to you we apologize.  Either way, it’s amazing.  Hope you enjoy.

October 30, 2008
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