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How to create a great website

Seth Godin is one of my favorite marketers. From his books to his blog posts you can always find something useful, interesting and REAL. The post below needs to be reviewed from time to time. The days of your cousin’s, sister’s brother-in-law who does web sites being your choice for your web needs is OVER. Your web site is a tool for your business, not an after thought or an art gallery to show your “potential” clients what you can do with flash.

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Here are principles I think you can’t avoid:

1. Fire the committee. No great website in history has been conceived of by more than three people. Not one. This is a dealbreaker.

2. Change the interaction. What makes great websites great is that they are simultaneously effortless and new at the same time. That means that the site teaches you a new thing or new interaction or new connection, but you know how to use it right away. (Hey, if doing this were easy, everyone would do it.)

3. Less. Fewer words, fewer pages, less fine print.

4. What works, works. Theory is irrelevant.

5. Patience. Some sites test great and work great from the start. (Great if you can find one). Others need people to use them and adjust to them. At some point, your gut tells you to launch. Then stick with it, despite the critics, as you gain traction.

6. Measure. If you’re not improving, if the yield is negative… kill it.

7. Insight is good, clever is bad. Many websites say, “look at me.” Your goal ought to be to say, “here’s what you were looking for.”

8. If you hire a professional: hire a great one. The best one. Let her do her job. 10 mediocre website consultants working in perfect harmony can’t do the work of one rock star.

9. One voice, one vision.

10. Don’t settle.

January 25, 2009
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Consumer Demographics for Print Media Outlet

WOW! Wanna talk bout some amazing demos for your next ad buy? This is unreal in terms of numbers. This was taken directly out of the media kit. Our jaws dropped so we had to share.

January 20, 2009
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Act more, think less – Innovate

Many of you have heard me yap on and on about innovation. Let me be the first to say that you will continue to hear it, read it, feel it, etc. Ya know why? Because the new economy demands that you do if you plan to thrive much less survive.

Ever wonder where most truly great ideas came from? It’s the guy tinkering in his garage while his wife yells at him to get to bed. It’s the single mother who thinks there must be a better way to get her kids to eat on the go… Innovation is planting its seeds everywhere, BUT..

There is one caveat that creates the critical inch to success. “Innovate” is a VERB and therefore it requires action. This means you must do more doing and less thinking.

Action? Hell, it’s Execution. That’s it! You must take your fleeting thoughts, hopes and dreams and execute.

While you are busy executing, spill some milk once in awhile. Don’t be so afraid to become remarkable that you stick with the status quo so your market feels safe. Make em laugh, make em cry, make em do something. Anything is better than nothing.

Speaking of innovation take a look at this.

January 13, 2009
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