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Naming a premium product

Premium Paint Can

Dealing with elevating the perception of value for our clients products and services is something we take great pride in. With that pride comes a level of respect for those who do a great job in the market. On the flip side, we also notice when things have gone wrong.

It’s no mystery that naming is important. Premium brands as well as others need to have a name that embodies the attributes that make it unique and remarkable.

That being said, what in the world is Behr Paint thinking when they created the name for their “premium” paint?

Behr Premium Plus Ultra? Are they serious? How many adjectives can possible be added to the name for a consumer to “get it”.

The beauty of luxury and premium products is the subtle touches and finesse used to portray the intended level of quality. Adding more fluff and screaming it at the consumer only destroys the perceived value they are hoping to obtain.

November 5, 2009
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