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Monthly Archives: March 2011

NightRider Jewelry brand begins facelift

NightRider Jewelry

We are currently in the process of reinventing the brand for NightRider Jewelry.  The company is currently repositioning itself to be the premier brand in the space of high-end hardcore jewelry.  While their product speaks for itself, it became more evident over time that the brand must remain timeless without relying on trends or fads regarding design and graphical elements.  Here is a sneak peak of where the visual components are heading regarding lifestyle photography.
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March 31, 2011

Bavaria Yachts enter U.S. with KODA

Bavaria Yachts launches in the US

Roughly one month ago we were engaged by Bavaria Yachts USA to be the agency responsible for positioning their brand and web presence in the United States.  The process has been a delight and the momentum is building rapidly with the official launch next month.

We will share the success with you upon launch but wanted to spread the word now that the #1 sailing yacht company in Europe is about to hit our shores.

March 2, 2011