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Stunning Photography of Musical Instruments

Photography Instrument

Photography Instrument

These images showing the inside of various musical instruments are so stunning we simply had to share them. Everything from the concept to the execution of the campaign is delightful and they each look like their own unique world.

It’s as if you stepped into another dimension or perhaps a beautiful cathedral – depending on which instrument you are in of course. We stumbled upon them on a random website and poked around until we found the behance profile for the art director of the campaign named Bjoern Ewers. The actual photographer is a team in Munich called Mierswa Kluska. We know nothing about either, but certainly happy to have discovered this amazing work.

Check out the rest of the photos here.

July 19, 2012
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Why Crowdsourcing Is Bad

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new term to many business owners and old hat for others. The idea behind it is simple… Post a project on a site like 99designs where designers compete to earn the reward if their design is selected. Often times, a the number of submissions will be in the hundreds. You post a project and BAM you will have a ton of options to choose from and you only pay for the one you like. Sounds great, right? Wrong. James Archer from Forty wrote a great article covering the logic behind why Crowdsourcing is a bad idea, but takes the position of why it’s bad for business owners instead of the designer. As he noted, clients don’t care about the designer so his points are far more relevant to those considering using a service like this.

Take a peek:

June 5, 2012

Achieving Success

Achieving Success In Life

We created this as a reminder to focus on the details and realize the sum of all parts is what truly creates success in your personal life and business.

May 2, 2012
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