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Bavaria Yachts Launching New Series

Bavaria Yachts Vision 46

Bavaria Yachts is launching a new series of sailing yachts this year. The first of which will be unveiled at the Dusseldorf sailboat show towards the end of this month. In preparation for the launch of the new series we are responsible for positioning the new line appropriately named the Vision Series.

After spending most of last year launching Bavaria in the U.S. and focusing on their Cruiser Series this brings about many challenges because we need to maintain the appropriate posture for the Cruiser Series, while developing and building buzz around the new line. The first phase of the process includes brand visuals that differentiate the new line that targets a slightly different buyer. The brand visuals will be executed in a national media push along with various marketing activities that we will surely share with you as the year continues.

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January 13, 2012