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Branding Tid Bits For Total Investment Management

We’re in the midst of building a more robust case study for this enjoyable client, Total Investment Management.  However, we’d like to share a few samples of the branding work we’ve developed during the engagement we completed with them recently.  Thus far, the client has been more then pleased, client reactions have been fantastic and most interesting perhaps is the chatter within the industry for a financial services firm who developed such a unique and stunning presentation layer to their brand.

Total Investment Management solely focuses their service offering within the airline industry so this is important to note due to the heavy use of aviation themed assets within their brand architecture.  Further, this client’s goal was to present themselves as the premier provider in their niche which is precisely why they chose KODA as their agency of choice.  While Phase 1 of the brand engagement has been completely successfully, we are already slated to begin discussions for a Phase 2 to further develop their marketing strategy.

Feel free to take a peek at their website on your desktop as well as mobile phone or tablet to see how we leveraged the responsive framework in order to ensure an optimized user experience regardless of the device a user is browsing the site with. (mobile phone, tablet, desktop, etc.).


Home Page

Total Investment Management Home Page


Internal Page Sampling

Total Investment Management Website Pages


December 5, 2013

Hideoki Bespoke Feature

It’s always a pleasure to see our clients receive earned media and exposure they deserve.  Hideoki Bespoke is a long time client in the Atlanta area with national reach in the world of custom tailoring.  The quality and attention to detail with each of their garments is unmatched and people are taking note.  Expect to hear much more about Hideoki in the future.

Below is their feature in Tastemaker Magazine, an Atlanta based lifestyle publication.  Download the full issue.

Hideoki Bespoke

April 17, 2013

KODA’s work for Bavaria Yachts made the cut

Last week, we discovered that One Page Love recognized the work we have done on a campaign for Bavaria Yachts. The campaign is based around personalized landing pages for likely buyers of the high end yacht brand. Our strategy was to help drive them deeper into the sales funnel by connecting them more closely with THEIR boat versus just sending them to the regular website. By showcasing the model(s) they are interested in along with documents supporting their sales process, we have been able to create a much more connected experience. The most recent praise came from a possible buyer earlier this week. All he said was, “wow”. That’s good enough for us and we are grateful for being included on

Check it out on One Page Love or visit an actual Personalized Page.

November 8, 2012