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Hideoki Bespoke Feature

It’s always a pleasure to see our clients receive earned media and exposure they deserve.  Hideoki Bespoke is a long time client in the Atlanta area with national reach in the world of custom tailoring.  The quality and attention to detail with each of their garments is unmatched and people are taking note.  Expect to hear much more about Hideoki in the future.

Below is their feature in Tastemaker Magazine, an Atlanta based lifestyle publication.  Download the full issue.

Hideoki Bespoke

April 17, 2013

Top 10 luxury brand mobile campaigns of Q1

Luxury marketers made strides in mobile marketing during the first quarter of 2013 by creating new ways to capture consumer attention.

Many marketers created new mobile applications or beefed up their existing efforts on established mobile and social platforms. The most effective mobile marketers were those that took technology to the next level to drive consumer engagement in their brands even further.

Here are the top 10 luxury brand mobile efforts of 2012, in alphabetical order.

Blancpain’s interactive magazine – Swiss watchmaker Blancpain engaged watch enthusiasts and broadened its audience through its interactive iPad app for its lifestyle-focused magazine that launched during the first quarter. The Blancpain Library app shows off the “Lettres du Brassus” print magazine by incorporating interactive elements to enhance the reader’s experience.

The app adds interactive elements such as video and animations to Blancpain’s Lettres du Brassus magazine.

BMW’s i concept vehicle ads – German automaker BMW raised the bar for mobile advertising among luxury marketers in the first quarter with its campaign that comprised video content and Google Maps integration to push the i concept vehicles.

The ad showed the various i concept vehicles driving along the ad space and a Google Map of the area that the mobile user was in.

A click-through led to a Web site where users could take a virtual test drive around their city and learn more about the i concept vehicles.

The test drive allowed users to virtually try out either the i8 or the i3 through three different select courses in the user’s city. Once the destination was reached, the approximate battery life of the vehicle and distance were calculated using Google Maps.

Read the rest at Luxury Daily

April 5, 2013
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Sailing Yachts and Newport, Rhode Island

Last week was the Newport International Boat Show in Newport, Rhode Island. We were there to join forces with our client, Bavaria Yachts USA. What an exciting week full of activity and momentum. We are grateful to have been immersed in an amazing event in such a beautiful setting.

Our journey started in Mystic, CT where we toured the newest Bavaria Yachts location in the historic Mystic Shipyard. Being in Arizona we aren’t able to see the happenings of new developments very often so we had a list of to do’s while on our journey.

Here are a couple shots of Mystic. If you haven’t been there, it’s a quaint town full of history.

Mystic Shipyard

We then headed to Newport, RI where we immediately started working to set up for the show. This isn’t our first show with Bavaria Yachts so we knew what to expect. We kept the Starbuck’s flowin’ and finalized set up just in time to meet with Sail Magazine at the famous Castle Hill Inn. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this part of the country I highly recommend Castle Hill. The drive alone to get there is breathtaking.

Rise and shine Thursday morning and the show horn blew at 10am sharp. This show was really exciting for the Bavaria team because it’s the first time the Cruiser 50 and Vision 46 was debuted in the U.S. Needless to say, these two models are game changers in the sailboat market due to their design, innovation and quality. Both were designed by Farr Yacht Design which is a huge bonus for those who know sailing.

The show was a huge success! The boats were buzzing with jaws dropping the entire week. The icing on top for us is that we were the marketing arm behind generating the exposure and positioning for the brand since day 1. It’s a great feeling to see the fruits of your labor realized by the reactions of consumers interacting with the brand.

The next show for Bavaria is less than a month away in Annapolis, MD. We won’t be attending this year, but will certainly look forward to the Spring shows.

Enjoy some pics of our journey in Newport., RI.

Entrance to the Newport Boat Show

Newport International Boat Show

Port side view of the Cruiser 50

Bavaria Cruiser 50

Starboard side view of the Cruiser 50

Bavaria Cruiser 50

Awesome vintage bike parked in front of a local shop

Newport Rhode Island

View of Castle Hill

Castle Hill

Mega Yachts at the Newport Shipyard

Side view of the Vision 46

Bavaria Yachts Vision 46

Signage mounted to the Vision 46

Bavaria Yachts Vision 46

September 18, 2012