A firm who values itself will value its clients. David Schoenecker

Hello, we're KODA. We're glad you stopped by to take a peek at what we do.

A strategic branding and marketing firm, our specialty is developing premium and upscale brands. Our approach is graceful yet voracious. While that means different things to different clients, they all agree on this: KODA delivers results far beyond the scope of traditional marketing.

Simply put, KODA puts business acumen at the forefront of all our engagements. To do otherwise would land a brand in the squishy realm of pretty pictures and wishful thinking.

Our firm continues to occupy a space unto ourselves at the intersection of deep business expertise and marketing experience. It's the mastery of that space that continues to make us a valuable asset to our clients.


KODA began as a sparkle in the eyes of our founder David Schoenecker. Being a luxury aficionado, he was constantly bombarded with luxury marketing messages. But most of them fell flat.

"Nothin' but fluff and marketing jargon!" David would say, followed by, "Do they honestly think this will turn a consumer into a maven?" Then one day another thought came to him: So do something about it.

That's when David founded KODA: A business dedicated to building brands by telling the story that is theirs alone. Eight years later, we continue to be a narrowly-focused agency in a very wide industry. And, true to our roots, we still embrace the values we started with:

Our big idea is simple: We believe business is done between people and not companies. It's a difference that our clients take notice of right from the get-go.



David Schoenecker

Founder & Principal

Ryan Atkins

Ryan Atkins

Lead Developer

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Scott Shaw

Brand Strategist

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Nicki Crause

Account Service

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Nancy Atkins