A brand that captures your mind gains behavior. A brand that captures your heart gains commitment. Scott Talgo

The lens of the affluent

The design of your marketing touch points must maintain a level of quality that is consistent with your brand. Once you break the consistency you lose trust and trust is the only way to build raving fans.

Is luxury design different?

Yes! not all luxury brands are seeking the same fans. However, they all do seek higher price positioning and strong customer loyalty. Therefore, it is mission critical to deliver a remarkable presentation in order to increase the perception of value for your brand. Without it, you may become one of many in the land of options for the consumer.

All media types

Design for different media is critical. What works well in one application doesn't mean it will for another. We have the experience with both identity creation, print, digital and large format to ensure consistency while maintaining high quality standards.

Thoughtful Design

Our design process focuses on the market we are trying to capture and engage versus just making things that look "cool". What works really well to sell $100,000 of gold may not work as well for selling a 1 oz. gold pendant. Understanding the mind of the consumer and being mindful of their needs and wants ensures more connectedness with your brand.