Raving Fans

Marketing is the art of meaningful differentiation. John Ledrer

"We engaged KODA to help us reinvent our brand. Being a premier jeweler for the past 30 years means we were careful to find the right firm for the job. Upon working with KODA we have discovered their insatiable appetite for the luxury market and the innate ability to understand how to affect the buyer from an emotional standpoint through the brand."

Jason Ganem
Ganem Jewelers

"The transformation we have seen in our business has been nothing less than remarkable thanks to working with KODA for the past few years."

Nick Ballantyne
Partner/Lead Designer,
NightRider Jewelry

Bavaria Yachts USA engaged KODA at the very ground level to help us build a significant luxury brand almost from scratch in the US. Words can't describe how pleased I am with that decision. From the get-go, KODA has proven to be talented, committed, flexible, creative, and business-driven.

Kenny Feld
Managing Director Bavaria Yachts USA

"KODA gets it!"

“...talented, committed, flexible, creative, and business-driven...”

"The process and strategy you employ to determine exactly what we were looking for was unique and very successful. I appreciate you taking the time to uncover our true company personality and strengths. Ultimately, what you have created is exactly what we are, and exactly what we were looking for. Thank you again for the experience. It was a delight to work with such a professional and organized group."

Jeffry King
Pete King Construction Company

KODA understands the luxury market and how to position a company to excel in that arena. We feel lucky to have found them and highly recommend them."

Eddie Chang
Brede Forged Wheels

The advice and consulting we received was invaluable as a new business. Working with KODA has been a pleasureable and a positive experience. The partnership proved effective for us and we are sincerely grateful for their marketing expertise.

David Feigenbutz
President, ProActive Health Screenings

"My firm has used KODA exclusively to brand us as the "go to' gold and silver dealer not only in Arizona, but across the country. If you are looking for someone to lead the right clients to you, talk to the guys/gals at KODA."

Bill Haynes
President, CMI Gold & Silver, Inc.

“...they know their craft cold when it comes to luxury product marketing and branding...”

"KODA has been able to bring our business to life. We are a retail store with a high level of service and style, but needed someone who could execute that brand message across multiple platforms. Koda was the right choice for us."

Toby Keller
Desert Surf Company

“You’re part of the family”

"When I began working with David, he once said that when we were done "the phones would ring". I laughed and replied, "Not in my business. It doesn't work that way." I'm delighted to find out I was wrong.

Dana Anspach
President, Sensible Money