Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business. Warren Buffett

Why does KODA exist?

We exist because of great clients and a true passion for what we do. There is really nothing else. We love what we do and plan to do it for a long time.

Who is your perfect client?

The perfect client is one who gives us permission to:

  1. Dream big on their behalf.
  2. Turn these dreams into big ideas to drive them forward.

Ideas are energy. They should push the edges of conventional thinking and then be reined back (if needed) after evaluating their effectiveness for your business.

I am interested in hiring you, but can I try you out first?

The short answer is no. And here's why: Our work is based on a deep understanding of your core. Until we do a deep dive on your business, we can't deliver an effective diagnosis. Anything less would cut you short. Financially engaging us means we are both committed to your success.

Can we set up a meeting?

Sure. Our initial call has an agenda that basically covers this: your goals, your time frame, your budget. This lets both you and KODA determine if we're a good fit for each other. Assuming we are, we schedule a first date.

Do you only do luxury marketing?

Luxury brands find us to be a great fit because we understand the challenges of speaking to their audience. However, most brands seek better price positioning and increased brand loyalty. Here's the rule of thumb: if you consider yourself a premium product or service in your market, you would benefit from operating out of a luxury lifestyle marketing approach.

Can you talk a little more about budgets?

Glad to. We tailor each engagement to suit the client's needs. That said, the client's needs are often directly connected to their allocated budget. Bottom line is we understand that there's little value in proposing an engagement that far exceeds your budget. Conversely, our engagement may only account for part of your budget. Any unallocated funds could be repurposed for other levels of engagement, now or in the future.

We are a large company with internal marketing support, but could use a hand with projects. Do you do that?

Yes! We play well with others. We can work as a contracted organization to support your internal process or create a seamless transition to the client. Our professionalism is your assurance that we can present to and dialogue with your stakeholders as expertly as your own team members.

Can we use our in-house creative team and bring you in for consulting?

Definitely. The core of our business is based around "thought". Therefore, you're welcome to buy it. While we love having our creative team at the helm, we understand many businesses have internal teams and are looking for the thought leadership to take their teams to the next level.

I am interested in obtaining a position with KODA. What are you looking for in an employee?

Resumes are a short-sided view of how well an individual will resonate with our culture. But they're a start - and it never hurts to spell check. More importantly, send us what you have done for others. We work with friendly folks who are detail oriented and can shine in a fast-paced environment.